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Rwanda Dispatch released its maiden issue on 4th July 2008 to celebrate Rwanda’s 14th anniversary. Our first issue created a lot excitement amongst readers, as it was Rwanda’s very first news magazine that had put quality and professionalism at the vanguard of its operations. News is our business and our passion. We’re delivering more news, to more people, more often, in more ways and in a distinctively Rwandan way. What we deliver to our readers is more than just news: it’s an eclectic package that combines award-winning reporting with indepth analysis to take you deep inside the stories that count. We have strongly invested in our brand, quality and effectiveness of the solutions we deliver to our readers advertising partners.


Rwanda Dispatch is an indigenous Rwandan private company.


Our distribution stands at 6,000 copies each  including digital copies on IGIHE.COM to cater for the diaspora and those who embrace technology.
Other channels of circulation include: • Several copies sold on streets and leading supermarkets all over Rwanda. Subscription government and corporate offices. • Free copy to every sector office and Telecentre for the general public to read (through a partnership with MINALOC and RDB) • A complimentary copy to every secondary school library • Copies to every Police Post through out the country.

We have created several strategic permanent partnerships with corporate entities, professional bodies, government ministries and agencies. Among our key partners is Magazine Publishers of South Africa (MPASA), Igihe.com, MINALOC, MINEDUC, RDB and Rwanda Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Media Network (RWASH MEDIA)

Focus  (96% RWANDAN):
Rwanda Dispatch focuses on political analysis, investigative reporting, local news and comprehensive coverage of Rwanda’s development process.

We focus on a niche market of people interested in a mature approach to politics, current affairs and business. A large numbers of readers are among professionals, academics, diplomats, lobbyists, non-governmental groups.

Awards & Grants:
Rwanda Dispatch has won several awards and accessed a number of grants. Amongst the most significant is the Rwanda Governance Advisory Council (RGAC) grant for promoting good governance in Rwanda.

Advertising Rates

Size                                           Colour Chrome                       Amount

Full Page                                  Full Colour                             690,000 Rwf

Half Page                                 Full Colour                             400,000 Rwf

Quarter Page                           Full Colour                             250,000 Rwf
NB: All Rates are Exclusive of VAT

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